The Challenge What is the Special K Challenge?

We did some research. And here are the results.

We asked scientists at a leading university to test the Special K Challenge. They looked at how eating a bowl of
Special K for breakfast and either lunch OR dinner for a maximum of 2 weeks affected body shape and fat

In the study, overweight volunteers got to select any cereal
from the Kellogg's Special K range. Fruits and vegetables
were advised as alternatives to more indulgent snacks.

Their 3rd meal was nutritionally balanced following healthy
eating principles such as being low in fat and high in fibre;
containing plenty of vegetables; plus a source of protein such
as meat, fish or other alternatives.

At the end of 2 weeks, up to 75% of the volunteers had
slimmer waists and hips. The university's scientists concluded
that the majority of this was due to fat loss.

However, please keep in mind that the Challenge isn't an
eating plan meant for long-term use; it's simply a 2-week
kick-start to a healthier lifestyle.

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